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  • Turkey is spread between two continents, Europe and Asia exhibiting vast history, culture, and architecture. Zameen Turkey’s tour packages provide amazing sights, shopping experience and tastes of Turkey. Explore Turkey by our affordable packages.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tourists have been visiting Turkey for years and Turkish people have a well-earned reputation for warmth and kindness toward visitors. Turkish cities are generally safe, especially in an area where tourists frequent. Turkey is very well secured, Police in every location, there are so many checking points, this is what makes Turkey safe and 100% secured to make sure everybody are safe and comfortable in Turkey.

  • 1- Booking a tour is simple, You just need to contact our travel representatives and then you will receive an immediate response giving you the available options and then you can build a tour that will suit your needs. 2- After that, a detailed itinerary that includes all necessary information and plans will be sent to you. 3- At this point, you need to confirm your reservation by paying a deposit. Your reservation will not be confirmed until payment of this deposit is received by Zameen Turkey. Finally, The balance of payment will be due on arrival to begin your tour.

  • 1- Haşlama (boiled lamb with vegetables and lemon juice) 2- Kuzu Kapama (spring lamb stewed). 3- Kuzu Güveç (lamb cooked in the casserole) 4- Visit Ahmed Mosque ( Blue mosque) with Zameen Turkey. 5- Take a hot air balloon ride 6- Miniaturk of Turkey.

  • - Our very own India Tour Packages is an amazing combination of customized, sharing, and sharing tours with excellent service and affordable prices. - We have been delivering dedicated excellent caring customized, Authentic and sharing tours since 1955 - Serving 200,000 happy satisfied customers annually, pride ourselves on using this experience to create consistently high quality, personalized tour experiences - Providing easy online secure payments with around the clock human support. - Delivering the maximum travel experience around the globe with dedicated and caring travel experts.

  • Turkey Tourists and visitors normally must have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the scheduled return date to enter Turkey and you can obtain a visa from Turkey Consulate before departure. Also, E-visa fees USD 20 or USD 30 on arrival per passport is available upon arrival in Turkey airports for some specific nationalities and you will need to check before. Additionally, Some nationalities don’t need a visa to visit Turkey for the purpose of tourism for up to 3 months. For more info and details on entry visa to Turkey please check with the Turkish consulate or embassy at your country.

  • Zameen Turkey Travel Packages Bookings are accepted through our online secure payment link which will be sent to you by our salesperson.

  • Cancellation requests should be sent via fax or emailed to provide the Company with written confirmation that your reservation should be cancelled. In case you cancel your trip, the following scale of charges will be applied: - From the date of booking until 61 days before your arrival date, 15% of the entire tour price will be charged. - Between 60 and 30 days before your arrival date, 25% of the entire tour price will be charged. - Between 29 and 15 days before your arrival date 50% of the entire tour price will be charged. - Between 14 and 7 days before your arrival date 75% of the entire tour price will be charged. - Between 7 and 1 days before your arrival date 100% of the entire tour price will be charged. Additionally, there are cancellation fees on all flights, ferry boats, train tickets booked by our company. - If you cancel a tour at any time, you will be subject to any fees according to airline’s cancellation policy.

  • VAT and Tourist Taxes are always included, except for Tourist Tax of Cataluña (the region where Barcelona is located) that needs to be paid at the hotel. The amount is currently 1 euro per person and per night.

  • We require 50% in the moment of reservation, and 50% in no less than 2 weeks before the trip or you can pay the total amount at once.

  • Unfortunately, It is NOT acceptable subsequently we might not be able to help you enjoy your trip. The tour needs to be booked in advance, as we need to make all the arrangements beforehand.

  • Zameen Turkey refund policy is detailed in our Terms and Conditions. The amount refunded depends on how far in advance we are notified about your cancellation. - We grant you a full refund for any amount you have paid in advance in case of weather conditions or circumstances otherwise outside of your control that might prevent the ship from coming into port in case of booking a Shore Excursion from a cruise ship with Zameen Turkey for example.

  • Turkey is considerable destination rising and attracting entertainment, Eco-touristic, MICE tourism, and the different types of travelers. People of Turkey are so welcoming in their secured country where police checking points spread everywhere and reachable where ever you go. This is why we highly recommend tourists from all over the globe to visit Turkey.

  • The deposit required is usually 50% of the total price of the tour, except during peak travel times like Christmas and New Years, when the deposit will have to be 50% of the total price. You can pay the deposit for your tour using a credit card (Visa and Mastercard are accepted) or a bank order directly to Zameen Turkey. Our representatives will be willing to provide any additional information or support you need to complete your payment. If paying the deposit in one transaction is not possible, please contact Zameen Turkey to inquire about the possibility of making the payment in installments.

  • Zameen Turkey does not charge any additional fees or surcharges on any transactions that are done using debit or credit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

  • Zameen Turkey is upbeat to offer an "Early Bird" discount for customers who pay the full expense of their tour ahead of time. If full payment is received six months prior to the date of your arrival, a reduction of the quoted cost of your trip will be granted to you by 5%. "Early Bird" rates require full, non-refundable prepayment. Discounted tours are not eligible for date changes or refunds.

  • Indeed, Zameen Turkey provides discounts for private tours that are booked with large groups. For group tours of ten people or more, there will be a discount according to the nature and length of the whole trip. For groups of fifteen people or more, the total amount of the tour will be reduced by the full cost for only one person in the group.

  • Zameen Turkey operators are available 24/7 to receive your booking inquiries via different ways of communication such as email, telephone, or live online chat. You can also submit a request form on the website describing the details for the trip you want to take, its duration, and any other details you can provide and you will receive a reply promptly with a proposal from one of our representatives. Our toll-free number, email, and a link to our chat service can be found at the bottom of our website’s homepage. Also, you can submit a booking request form here.

  • Our website offers two quotations, one is called a Single and the other is Solo. The prices for “Single” quoted for single person accommodations assume that the person would still be traveling with a group. The price includes the cost of private accommodations in hotels but does not include other expenses necessary for a solo tour. The prices of Solo traveler are also quoted on our website. The Solo traveler would be responsible for any extra fees for guides, transportation, etc. and as a result, the price would be higher. For more information about the prices of solo tours, we recommend you check our prices on the website, or enquire with us by email, telephone, or live online chat.

  • The deposit required is usually 50% of the total price of the tour, except during peak travel times like Christmas and New Years, when the deposit will have to be 50% of the total price. You can pay the deposit for your tour using a credit card (Visa and Mastercard are accepted) or a bank order directly to Zameen Turkey Turkey. Our representatives will be willing to provide any additional information or support you need to complete your payment. If paying the deposit in one transaction is not possible, please contact Zameen Turkey to inquire about the possibility of making the payment in installments.

  • Travelers from all over the world in All ages are welcomed to Book their Turkey Tour Packages with Zameen Turkey.

  • Zameen Turkey are offering you an online Travel Experts helps you Tailor and Plan your Next Trip destination, schedule, and budget. If you are determining a Turkey Tours, we are here to help you tailor a magnificent Trip to Turkey through Turkey Travel Planner.

  • Early you arrive The more fun you will catch. As internationally-known, we would recommend you to arrive two hours before a domestic flight and three hours prior to an international trip so you can finish the boarding procedures and get into the plane in calm.

  • Enjoying a fantastic trip starts since planning and scheduling however the actual journey starts at the airport, so we recommend you some tips and hacks help you get the perfect tour to turkey. Initially, print your boarding pass, airport map, mark your suitcase or backpack, get a multi-plug, stuff all your liquids on your boarding bag, it's fine to be the last one on board and pack the most important belongings in your carry-on. Conditionally, you must listen to the guiding tips on board what will assist you have a calm fight and reaching your destination to start an amazing trip.

  • One of the very first questions pops up when you visit turkey is what to eat in Turkey. Turkish Food varies and fits all nutritional diets and tastes. Turkish cuisine comprising some local dishes you would not like to miss such as the Doner Kebabs (Shawarma), Simit, Menemen, Meze, and more Turkish food can make you unforgettable fabulous turkey tour.

  • The deposit required will be 25% of the total price of the tour, except during peak travel times around Christmas and New Year’s, when the deposit will be 50% of the total price.

  • Sure. Just contact us and let us help you with your satisfaction.

  • Meals, mainly lunch and dinner, are included where they are mentioned in the itinerary. Buffet Breakfasts are included every morning in all the hotels you are staying in during your tour.

  • No problems at all. Just tell this to our tour leader and he’ll advise and help. On top, many dinners are a buffet, so you can simply choose what you like. For allergic people, if in doubts, please remind your case to tour leader in the restaurants, or ask the staff about the content of the dishes.

  • Buses for larger groups and minibusses for smaller ones. Vehicles are modern and with air-conditioning.

  • Conditionally, No. We do not pick up from the hotels, because that would delay the tour scientifically. Sometimes the groups get larger and to pick up everybody from their hotels would take us half of the day. However, if your hotel is on the way where the bus passes by on leaving day, we will pick you up. So, one week before travel, you are advised to give us your hotel name in Madrid so we can tell if you can be picked up directly from your hotel or if you must go to the nearest meeting point at 7.45am. In Barcelona, there is always a meeting point at the reception of ‘Catalunya Barcelona 505’ hotel.

  • Tours usually start from Istanbul, also mentioned in the trip description of each specific tour – where it starts and ends too.

  • We offer acknowledgeable English-Speaking Tour guides and Tour Leaders.

  • Yes, a tour guide will accompany the tourists on the bus and during the whole trip, except for places when just a very few people are signed up. Small groups will be traveling with an experienced English-speaking driver-guide. For the city tours, we use local professional and licensed guides.

  • We can never tell exactly (neither guarantee) how many people will be on the specific route. Normally, it is about 10-20 persons in a group. In some cases, it could be more, in other days you travel with just a few more people or even by your party only. In summer (high season) groups tend to be larger, and smaller in winter. The number of travelers might change on different sections of the route. For example, if you are on a 10-day trip, there could be other travelers who are on a 5-day trip, so they will split after.

  • Turkey generally is stated to have a very low crime rate. Travelers will be safe in Turkey if they take sensible precautions that would apply to any tourist destination around the world.

  • There are no obligatory vaccinations that should be taken before being granted with the visa of Turkey. However, it would be recommended for the elder people and for young children to take vaccinations against Hepatitis C, Typhoid, and an oral dosage of Tetanus.

  • Credit cards are widely used in Turkey in hotels, shops, restaurants, and cafes. Most stores in markets accept credit cards. The most common types of credit cards used in Turkey are Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

  • Accommodations for travelers in Turkey fall across a broad range everything from world-class luxury to simple hostel accommodations are available. The nicest hotels compare well with luxury hotels anywhere, coming from international hotel chains like Larespark Hotel Istanbul, Perissia Hotel & Convention Center and Tripolis Hotel Pamukkale. A step down from these is a variety of local hotels that ranges from luxurious to simple. Turkish hotels have their own rating system that loosely classifies them on a 5-star scale; however, this scale is different from international standards used elsewhere.

  • The same as many hotels all around the globe, the check-in time in most hotels in Turkey is around midday, 12 or 1 PM. In case you arrived in the hotel late at night or in the early morning, you may have to pay for an extra night to get to your room immediately, to avoid waiting until the normal check-in time.

  • People of Tukey are very welcoming and well known for their tolerance and hospitality with their homeland guests; however, it is always a sense of etiquette to ask permission before taking a photograph of people, especially women, and stores or products. Photography is prohibited around army bases, airports, dams, and bridges. If you happen to be in a place where photography is prohibited, you will sure find signs to notify you genetly.

  • It is not necessary to learn a new language to explore a new Language as long as you can communicate with the English language. Many travelers enjoy their stay in Turkey without learning a single word of Turkish; however, it is always a better experience to learn a few words from the land-native-language to express greetings or thanks. It is advisable to learn some basic Turkish terms if you are planning to visit some unpopular tourist destinations. Turkish people are friendly and will be happy to help you anytime, even if there is a language barrier.

  • It is possible to extend a tourist, considerably, applying for an extension should be done no later than 15 days after entering the country. This process can be time-consuming and frustrating. The extension can be done from the nearest local/Main Police station and you have to give an application in writing a letter with attested, stamped from the province, copies of your passport, along with pictures and reason for your extension. You will be allowed extension within a week, and before your departure, you need to report to the same police station so that they can inform the airport authorities and when you leave Turkey it will be absolutely normal and fine.

  • People who work in the tourism and travel industry partially depend on tips, as a major part of their income. Therefore, tipping is considered customary within Turkey Vacation Packages. It is a customary attitude for expressing one’s satisfaction of good services rendered to him by staff on duty with him. We advise if you are willing to offer it, this would be great and if not, you are not obliged to do it.

  • Non-Muslim tourists/travelers are generally allowed and welcomed to visit mosques and religious buildings in Turkey. Tourists are more than welcome to visit most mosques and other religious monuments at any time except when they are being used for prayer, on Friday and during the five prayers of the day and in certain ceremonies and festivals. We recommend you to double-check with the tour guide, hotel and off course surf the internet before visiting such sightseeing.

  • There aren’t really special clothes to be wear while visiting a mosque in Turkey; however, modest dress covering the body and hair for women would be highly recommended and, in some mosques, and religious attractions and sightseeings. Both women and men will be asked to remove their shoes before entering a mosque.

  • Turkey churches are treated the same as mosques. Most churches and monasteries welcome tourists and foreigners, except during Lent. Modest dress is also advisable while visiting Christian places in Turkey.

  • Turkey is featuring a large number of mosques with historical and heritage value. The most significant mosques you would never miss when visiting Turkey, Hagia Sophia Mosque, suleymaniye mosque Istanbul, Amasya -Sultan Bayezıd II. Mosque Complex or The Blue Mosque of Sultan Ahmed, Eyup sultan mosque Istanbul, The Green Mosque of Bursa, Divriği Great Mosque and Hospital and more. Tourists are welcome in all of these mosques on any day, except Friday.

  • Hence Turkey bears a huge credit of religious heritage built over the decades and eras passed with several cultures and civilizations from the Christian heritage you can visit: - St. Paul’s Church Turkey - The church of st john Ephesus - The Basilica of St. John - Church of Saint Pierre. - Additionally, Eshab Kehf Cave of the Seven Sleepers - Pamukkale Hierapolis ancient city - Antalya st Nicholas kilisesi Church - İsparta St Pauls Basilica ( Yalvaç ) - Hatay - St. Peters Grotto (Antakya) and Hatay - Cradle of the Saints.

  • Yes, Zameen Turkey does provide a discount for private trips booked with large groups.

  • Yes, on our work to offer you the best travel experience all over the world, Zameen Turkey offers tourism services in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Dubai and Oman which you can research on our website in the middle east, Africa and Europe. Basically, we offering a Tailor make online service by the help of make your suitable trip on a budget, schedule and tours assisted by Experienced-sophisticated Travel advisors. As for the group numbers it’s not allowed for the previously set group tours. However, if you are a group of 20+ persons, the route can be customized upon your request as the tour could be run privately for your group. Please ask us regarding conditions.

  • Most of the monuments, historical sites, and museums in Turkey open from 9 AM until 6 PM. During Ramadan, the holy month of the Islamic calendar, be aware that these hours will change significantly.

  • Turkey is a midden country between Asia and Europe; thus, the weather combines the coolness of Europe and humidity of Asia, resulting in an amazing weather. Generally, We recommend you get a light sweater, blazer, jeans and pants, skirts, dresses, pajamas, leggings, sandals, sneakers, flip-flops, and swimsuit.

  • Turkey has noticeable climates and microclimates due to the different exposure of slopes and coasts. The climate is mild in general, however, its colder at the black sea coast than that of the Mediterranean Cold, snowy winters since October to March and hot dry summers from July to September are there.

  • Turkey is a great country in nature, mixing the European and Asian Continent usually referred to as the intersection between ancient and modern history. During Summer, the weather is great usually it's the tourism high season with a lot of activities and things to do such as Trekking, Mountain Climbing, Rock Climbing, Camping, SpePology, Parachuting or enjoying water activities such as Sailing, Rafting, Underwater Diving, Yachting, and Windsurfing. while in Winter few people are visiting Turkey due to its cold weather, however, there are a lot of fans for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

  • The official currency of the Republic of Turkey is Turkish lira. The Turkish Lira is divided into sub-units called kuruş. Paper currency comes in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 TL money notes and metal currency comes in 5, 10, 25, and 50 kuruş and 1 Lira.

  • U.S. Dollar and Euro are widely accepted by large shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants at rates that are relatively close to the official ones. Makes sure you know the current exchange rate of dollars or Euros to Turkish Lira (TL).

  • English is the most spoken foreign language everywhere in Turkey. You should have no problem meeting people who can speak English and help you get around in all the big cities, shopping malls, restaurants and holiday resorts. Fewer Turkish can speak Italian, Spanish, and German; however, professionals in the tourism sector are accustomed to visitors who cannot speak Turkish. They speak enough English and many other languages to fulfill the needs of most travelers.

  • Zameen Turkey offering you a wide variety of options fits all tastes and aspiration for Turkey and Greece travelers. Turkey Tours is offered in Turkey Vacation deals including Turkey Group Tours comprising Classic Highlights of Turkey and Istanbul and Cappadocia Vacation Package. Turkey Short Breaks and Turkey Private Tours are sort of the sophisticated options you might love to try.

  • Sure, it's affordable to combine Turkey Greece tours in multi-country tours and enjoy the taste of Turkey and Greece or the Grand Tours of Turkey and Greece.

  • according to a lonely planet, turkey is the first place to recommend having a great cultural tour, enjoying the amazing rock formations, Greco roman, virgin mary, travel guide organizing all information about tour includes, an open-air museum and traditional Turkish food, visit cappadocia ephesus, roman ruins, hot springs, Asia minor and more.

  • Yes, you can enjoy wherever you want with Zameen Turkey. Explore the Classic Greece Tours or The Greek Islands in a marvelous trip you would never forget.

  • Zameen Turkey offering you a neat Turkey Day Tours and excursions. Turkey Excursions includes Istanbul Day Tours, Cappadocia Day Tours, Antalya Day Tours, Kusadasi tours and Izmir Tours.

  • Since Turkey is bounded by four seas on three sides, spans a relatively large region in Asia and Europe. We offer a wide range of shore excursions including Shore Excursions of Izmir, Kusadasi, and Bodrum.

  • Zameen Turkey got the Leadership in the Tourism Industry since 1955 and pride ourselves on using this experience to create consistently high quality, personally tailored Turkey Tour Packages by the help of sophisticated and Experienced Travel Experts.

  • Zameen Turkey does not charge any additional fees or surcharges on any debit or credit card transactions. Additionally, we accept Visa and MasterCard.

  • Tourists visiting Turkey sometimes combine Turkey and Greece Tours or else other countries in the Middle East or North Africa in the same trip. Zameen Turkey offers Travel Packages in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Dubai, Morocco, Turkey, India and Oman which you can research on our website.

  • Zameen Turkey refund policy is detailed in our Terms and Conditions. The amount refunded depends on how far in advance we are notified about the cancellation.